Main Information

Classic Interlude server.
Rates: EXP/SP x10, Drop x3, Spoil x3, Adena x1, Raid Boss x3, Seal Stones x3, Quest x3
The duration of the buffs: 2 hours, number of slots under the buff: 24(+16)
Implemented automatic use CP/HP and MP cans.
Activate ACP: you need to take the potion to the skills panel and press CTRL + left mouse button on it.
Spoiler profession added new skill: Mass Sweeper.
For convenience, the .relog command has been added to clear FPS.
Autoloot/learn skills, MP potions (+1000, 7s. coldown).
Monster Champions: blue х15, red х50.
Implemented a handy Alt + B that repeats all the NPC functions.
Shift+Click on the monster: full information about the Drop, Spoil


1 profession - free
2 profession - free
3 profession - Quest (Halisha's Marks x3)

Gm Shop

Top D and C-Grade sold for Adena, Low B-Grade for C and B crystals.
MP Potions, shots to C-Grade, jewelry, consumables.

Seven Sings

Enter the catacombs after registering for Dawn or Dusk
Registration is open from "*" to "*" date
Entrance to the catacombs: "* numbers"
NPC Mammon will appear Friday through Monday in the catacombs and necropolises, their location will be announced each time they are moved.


Maximum enchantment for weapons +16, Armor and Jewelry +12.
Chance of enchant Weapon: 50%
Chance of enchant Armor/Jewelry: 40%

Soul Crystal

Removed from Luxory, the classic pumping from level 1 to 13.

Divine Inspiration

Instead of 4 levels has 16, each adds +1 slot for the buff. Sold for Adena and Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration.

Weight Limit

Each level increases: +1% EXP/SP/Drop/Spoil/Seal Stones, overweight +100%, number of slots in inventory +10, number of slots for selling/buying/crafting +1. Sold for Adena.

Olf's T-shirt

Sold at the GM Shop (Other) for 7,500,000 Adena. Can be worn in the underwear slot (same place as costumes).
Shirt sharpened with Blessed Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll, also for sale in GM Shop (Other) for 2.500.000 Adena.
Safe enchant: +3, Max: +10, if unsuccessful, the item resets to +3
Each level of sharpening slightly increases stats.

Rare Equipment

To get the Rare recipe you need, you must have x25 of the corresponding regular recipe (exchange is available in GM Shop->Craft).
To craft Rare equipment you need x25 materials from the usual crafting.
Rare Equipment gives a slight increase from the classic outfit.

Enchant Skill

Secret Book of Giants - drop on Primeval Isle.
Giant's Codex - Mastery - you can buy for the Secret Book of Giants.
In case of unsuccessful sharpening the skill is not reset, but stays at the same level.
Chance of enchanting skills increased, added ability to enchant passive, skills 3 professions
Also, instead of EXP it is required Adena (for enchant Secret Book of Giants and Giant's Codex - Mastery).

Life Stone

Respawn Tyrannosaurus - 5 minutes; chance drop Top Grade Life Stone - 15%.
The chance of getting skill from Top LS - 7%, High LS - 5%, Mid LS - 3%, Life Stone - 1%.

Noblesse and Sub-Class

Sub-Class: Simplified Quest (without Baium hit).
Noblesse: Full Quest. The Supplier of reagents quest (for Monstone Shard and Hellfire Oil) has a x3 rates.
Boss and Guards 80 level, Respawn: 12 hours (+- 30 minutes). Maximum 30 sub-classes.


Noblesse status is not needed to participate in the Olympiad, only 78+ level is required.
Olympiad period: 7 days, battles take place everyday, from 18:00 to 00:00 (UTC +3), the issuance takes place every Monday.
To begin non-class battle must be 5 people, class-based games are disabled.
You can join olympiad with enchanted gear, but it will give you like +6.
At the Olympiad you can now get up to 5 additional buffs.


Rate x3, on sale only Alternative seeds (unlimited quantity).
Always falls 3 fetuses, regardless of "x" mobs, with no failed attempts.
To be launched after the first sieges.


Premium Acc: EXP/SP +30%, Drop +30%, Spoil +30%, Adena +30% (30 days = 10 CoL)
Premium Buff: The ability to use the VIP Buff section of Buffer (eternal = 10 CoL)
Sub-class, Noblesse: (some time after opening)
Change nickname/color of nickname/title: (5-10 CoL)
Accessories, Costumes: (4-10 CoL)
Change main class: (15 CoL)

Automatic Events

By participating in events, you can get Event Coin (not to be transferred) that can be exchanged for valuable items from Events Manager.
Team vs Team:
Description: The objective for your team is to kill as many enemies as possible.
Reward: 1 Event Coin (For the winner team)
Top 3 killers: 4, 3 and 2 Event Coin
Event happens everyday at: 12:00; 14:00; 16:00; 18:00; 20:00; 22:00 (UTC +3)

Death Match:
Description: Every man for himself. Your task is to kill as many opponents as possible.
Reward (Top 3 players): 10, 8 and 6 Event Coin
Event happens everyday at: 13:00; 15:00; 17:00; 19:00; 21:00; 23:00 (UTC +3)

Raid Bosses

Respawn for Alliance (Ketra/Varka 4-5 LvL), Sub-Class and Noblesse Bosses: 12 hours (+-30 minutes)
Respawn of the remaining Raid Bosses: 24 hours (+-30 minutes)

In drop Raid Bosses 71+ LvL added:
Top-Grade Life Stone
High-Grade Life Stone
Giant's Codex
Giant's Codex - Mastery

Epic Bosses

From server start all the epic bosses are dead, implemented PVP zone.
To view information about respawning bosses in the game, .epic command is available
Restore epic bosses (except Core, Orfen) is allowed.

Frintezza – Every 2 days, Time: From 22:15 to 23:00. Time to kill: 60 minutes.
Valakas – Every 11 days, Time: From 20:15 to 22:00. Time to enter: 20 minutes.Time to kill: 120 minutes.
Antharas – Every 8 days, Time: From 22:00 to 23:00. Time to enter: 20 minutes.Time to kill: 120 minutes.
Baium – Every 5 days, Time: From 21:45 to 22:30. Time to kill: 90 minutes.
Zaken (60 lvl) – Every 2 days, Time: From 22:00 to 22:30.
*Entrance to Zaken available at: 22:00, 00:00 for 10 min.
Queen Ant (40 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 20:15 to 21:00. Drop Chance Ring of Queen Ant - 30%.
Core (54 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 19:15 to 20:00. Drop Chance Ring of Core - 30%
(NEW: Core and Orfen upgrade).
Orfen (54 lvl) – Everyday, Time: From 21:15 to 22:00. Drop Chance Earring of Orfen - 30%
(NEW: Core and Orfen upgrade).
The time of appearance is indicated by MSK (UTC +3).

L2Era Boss

Respawn 24 hours (+- 30 minutes).

Top-Grade Life Stone
High-Grade Life Stone
Giant's Codex
Giant's Codex - Mastery
Ring of Core: from 1 to 1, chance 10%
Earring of Orfen: from 1 to 1, chance 10%
Ring of Queen Ant: from 1 to 1, chance 10%
You can teleport to them using Global-GK.


When clan is created, it immediately receives the 1th level.
The maximum number of people in the clan = 120 (including Knights and Royal).
The maximum number of clans in the alliance is 1.
All members of the clan receive all clan skills (regardless of rank).


Passive skills for owning a castle:
Gludio Castle - Increases P.Atk +4%, MP +500, PvP Def +3%, Critical Damage +5%
Dion Castle - Increases Speed +6, Resist Holy/Dark by 10%, Resist Paralyze +15%, Dagger resist +10%
Giran Castle - Increases MP +500, M.Atk +4%, Stun resist +15%, Root resist +15%
Oren Castle - Increases HP +500, Resist Paralyze +15%, Critical Damage +5%, Bow Range +50
Aden Castle - Increases P. Atk +4%, Resist Fire and Earth +10%, P.Def +6%, PvP Damage +3%
Inadril Castle - Increases MP +500, M.Def +6%, Speed +6, Resist Wind and Water +10%
Goddard Castle - Increases Resist for Blunt/Fist +10%, M.Atk +4%, Resist Stun +15%, Bow Range +50
Rune Castle - Increases HP +500, M.Def +6%, Resist Holy/Dark +10%, Resist Mental Attacks +15%
Schuttgart Castle - Increases P.Atk +4%, HP +500, P.Def +6%, Mana Cost - 5%

Other Information

Core and Orfen upgrade.
L2DAY: Collect "L2ERA" or "BONUS".
Bonus system for winning in Olympiad.
Flames of Invincibility = 5 seconds - Static cast.
Flames of Invincibility = 60 minutes - static reuse.
Flames of Invincibility = use limits for the clan: 60 minutes.
Purification Field = 10 minutes - static reuse.
You can get Vote Coin reward for voting for server in ratings (.vote command in the game) that can be exchanged for Coin of Luck.
Alt+click on the buff to remove.
.menu - useful settings.
Major Arcana set increases WIT+2, INT+1, MEN-2, Speed of cast +15%, Speed +7, resistance from Cancel +50%, resistance from Stun +20%.
Imperial Staff now has 188 M.Atk (7.5% more Arcana Mace), and SA: Acumen.
Dimensional Rift (minimum 2 members in a party to enter).

Rebalance Classes

A complete rebalance of classes, reworked a lot of skills, weaker professions kill mobs much faster, we plan to update all 31 classes.