CUSTOM INTERLUDE | OPENING on August 20 - (20:00 GMT +3)


Dear players, the L2Era announces the "Top 3 best clans" campaign with 2.800$ real dollars budget!
The ranking of clans will be formed by amount of a clan reputation, the rewards will be distributed as follows:

First stage
(20 August - 6 September)
1st place - 350$
2st place - 200$
3st place - 150$
Second stage
(7 September - 27 September)
1st place - 350$
2st place - 200$
3st place - 150$
Third stage
(28 September - 25 October)
1st place - 700$ (in game equivalents)
2st place - 400$ (in game equivalents)
3st place - 300$ (in game equivalents)

Before the start of the second and third stages of the promotion, the reputation and castles of all clans will reset.
Available ways to get a clan reputation:

Killing Epic Bosses
Valakas: 1500 reputation Antharas: 750 reputation Zaken: 750 reputation Baium: 500 reputation
Queen Ant: 500 reputation

Killing Bosses
L2Era Boss: 400 reputation Balanced: 250 reputation Behemoth: 750 reputation Halisha: 750 reputation
Clan Boss: 3000 reputation

For taking over the castle:
Giran: 15000 reputation Aden: 15000 reputation

For receiving hero:
When received at the Monument of Heroes: 1500 reputation

The payment is made to the clan leader, the administration is not responsible for how the clan leader will share the reward with the clan. This promotion is valid from the opening of the server, the best clans will be selected on September 6, September 27 and October 25, 2021 at 20:00 (UTC +3).

Basic Rules:
1. We do not interfere with the gameplay, mutual assistance between the clans is not punishable by anything.
2. To get paid, clan must attend at least 50% of game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.)
Clans that score points in the first days and stop going to server events will be automatically withdrawn from participation in the promotion.

Posted on August 15th, 2021 - By L2Era Team